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Applications accepted December 10, 2014 - February 24, 2015

Please READ CAREFULLY before filling out / submitting the application

In the summer of 2015, The Nineteenth Annual New York International Fringe Festival will present approximately 200 national and international theater and performance companies in 20 venues located across downtown New York City. In 2014, nearly 70,000 people attended FringeNYC.


FringeNYC uses a juried application process to ensure the festival is a cross-section of the best emerging performance from around the world. The application process is highly competitive. This does not mean that because you are new or inexperienced that your chances of being accepted to FringeNYC are limited. In fact, an important part of our mission in producing FringeNYC is to create a community that provides an opportunity for the untried and the untested, as well as a gathering place for lively discussion and interaction among artists and audience. Talk to us in your cover letter. Tell us why you want to be a part of FringeNYC, and how your work will benefit from being involved. Organization, inspiration, passion and creativity are important to us – fancy videos and expensive-to-produce support materials are not.


Applications will be accepted from December 10, 2014 to February 24, 2015. There are two steps which must BOTH be completed in order to apply for FringeNYC:
  • ONLINE APPLICATION FORM: The first step is to submit the Online Application Form, by answering a series of questions about your specific project. At the end of the Application Form, you'll be asked to UPLOAD any / all support materials: Cover Letter (uploaded as a single PDF file); Script or adaptation of proposed project (uploaded as a single PDF file); and any addtional support materials (like a storyboard, photos, press clippings, bios - also uploaded as a single PDF file). You will also be asked to provide a single URL (and password, if required) where audio files can be listened to and a single URL (and password, if required) where video files can be viewed. International applicants MUST meet an earlier deadline and use the International Application.
  • PAYMENT OF APPLICATION FEE ONLINE: Applications must be accompanied by a non-refundable $40 application fee, paid via our PayPal system. Upon successful submission of the Online Application Form, you will be redirected to YOUR SPECIFIC LINK to pay the Application Fee for the application you just submitted. It is important to complete this second step as soon as possible following the submission of your online application.
All applications must be submitted on or before February 24, 2015.

If your application is deemed incomplete, late (i.e. not received online on or before February 24, 2015) and/or the application fee is not received by this time, it will not be adjudicated, nor will you be notified. Please submit only complete applications. Additional support materials will not be added to your application after the deadline.

Due to the number of applicants and the size of our staff, please DO NOT contact us to see if your application has been received and/or is complete. If you are submitting more than one show, each show must have its own application, support materials, and application fee and be submitted separately.

We’re sorry, but none of your materials can be returned to you. DO NOT send original / irreplaceable materials. DO NOT send return addressed stamped envelopes.


All adjudicated applicants will receive acceptance status notification (i.e. accepted, alternated, or declined). Notification of acceptance status will begin to be mailed on or about April 26, 2015. At this time, if you are accepted to the festival, you will receive a participants’ packet. This packet must be completed and returned to us by our deadline, which is generally on or about May 15, 2015, and accompanied by a non-refundable $700 participation fee.

Your show may also be selected as an alternate. Selected alternates MAY be offered a participant's slot between May 15th and June 15th, 2015.

If accepted to the festival, each company and author (where applicable) will be required to agree to contribute 2% of THEIR gross revenues above $20,000 derived from future productions of the play for a period of seven years after the close of the festival. This clause will be set out more fully in the Participant's Agreement, and is a way of making the festival self-sufficient. Participants in FringeNYC benefit from prior FringeNYC participants’ adherence to this clause, via a reduced participation fee and other subsidized programs.


If your show is accepted to the festival, you are given a slot in which to produce your show. We are NOT producing your show, we are merely presenting it. You or your producing organization must hire your own cast, crew, and staff, secure your own rights, and run your own rehearsals, etc.


Your show will be scheduled into one venue for the length of the festival. Most shows will receive approximately five performances over the course of the entire festival. Performances are approximately between 2pm and Midnight on weekdays, and between Noon and Midnight on weekends. There is only a 30 minute change-over time between shows. Your curtain time will vary from day to day in order to that ensure all shows receive an equal amount of prime performance times. Keep in mind that when you are striking or setting up your show, another show is also striking or setting up. Minimalism rules.


FringeNYC handles all aspects of ticketing and box office. In 2014, full priced tickets were $18. There are some discount tickets available.


In 2014, participants received a fee of $10.44 for each full priced advance ($18) ticket sold, and $9.78 for each full priced ticket sold at the door ($18).


You will need to keep the technical requirements of your show very simple. The venues are equipped with only very basic lights and sound. Storage space (if any) in the venues is minimal; since this space is shared with all shows in that venue you must take props, set pieces and costumes away with you after each performance. Each company will have only one cue to cue technical rehearsal in the venue.


FringeNYC will publicize the festival and coordinate overall press relations, including interviews and critic attendance at performances critics have chosen to review. You will be asked to submit publicity photos and PR materials so that we can send complete press packages to print and broadcast media. You are responsible for publicizing your own show through your own press releases, mailers, handbills, busking and/or posters. The more you promote your show, the larger your potential audience.


If you are accepted to FringeNYC, part of our agreement prohibits the performance of your show anywhere in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut anytime during the months of June, July, or August. This is primarily due to the fact that we depend upon our small portion of your box office income in order to pay for your participation in the festival. Performances elsewhere within our audience area greatly impact ticket sales to FringeNYC and the desirability of your show (as do reviews). Please keep this restriction in mind when accepting other invitations to perform your show during these months, particularly before you have received acceptance status notification from FringeNYC.


Out-of-area participants, like locals, are responsible for all aspects of production and publicity for their show, as well as travel expenses, securing working visas (where required), and accommodations. FringeNYC will do all it can to help source inexpensive housing for a participating company. Additionally, international companies are required to submit Visa application information in a timely manner, and must pay Visa application fees - currently $600 per company. Visa fees are due with your participation fee. INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS MUST USE THE INTERNATIONAL APPLICATION.

It is the goal of THE NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL FRINGE FESTIVAL to present the most vibrant, innovative, and diverse new work. We feel we can better guarantee this through a selection process. Application does not automatically guarantee acceptance. This does not mean that because you are new or inexperienced that your chances of being accepted to FringeNYC are limited. In fact, we are looking specifically for the new and untried. Talk to us in your cover letter. Let us know why you feel the need to take part in FringeNYC. Having no video, reviews, or resume to speak of should not stop you from applying.


  1. Choose your show and prepare your support materials.
  2. COMPLETELY fill out the application form ONLINE, in your browser.
  3. REVIEW your completed application to make sure it is complete and correct. Double-check your email address in Question #14.
  4. Press CHECK FOR ERRORS AND SUBMIT. If errors are displayed, correct and press CHECK FOR ERRORS again.
  5. If there are no errors, your application will submit and you'll see a confirmation page displayed. You will receive a confirmation email
  6. Click BUY NOW on this confirmation page in order to pay the Application Fee via credit card.
  7. Keep your confirmation emails for your records.

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For more information, please visit the FAQ/hints section of the website If you still have questions, we are available to help you in advance of the deadline at You may want to print and keep or bookmark these instructions and your original application for your reference.

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